Crosslane Real Estate Deutschland is part of the Crosslane Group and specifically implements the sourcing, feasibility and market study preliminaries of the acquisition process that enable Crosslane to develop high quality, purpose built student housing in Germany.

We Develop Student Housing

Crosslane have been active in the purpose-built student housing sector since 2006.  In response to the increasing demand and restricted supply of student housing throughout Europe, Crosslane have established platforms to facilitate investment in the student housing sector across a number of Europe’s leading student markets.

Asset Management

Our approach is to take a long term view, providing sustainable investment, ensuring the building is well preserved, maintained and secured, managing rental income and looking after residents achieving high levels of customer satisfaction, being highly responsive and working with them to continue to provide improvements to their overall experience, whilst maximising yield income for investors

Actively Seeking New Development Opportunities

Over the next five years, Prime Student Living intend to become one of Europe’s leading providers of student living and have secured future management contracts with a number of partners to manage a portfolio that is estimated to grow to 10,000 beds in Germany and up to 30,000 beds across Europe by 2020.  Therefore we are actively seeking new development opportunities in order to achieve this ambition.

We Are Seeking The Following Opportunities


•  Cities with more than 10,000 students
•  20 minutes to city centre and university with train underground, metro or bicycle



• More than 100 units or more than 3000 sqm gross area.
• Ideally 7,000 sqm gross area


For operation

• Purchase existing operating properties
• Management contracts


• Plots with no planning
• Conversion properties
• Existing mixed use



• Purchasing 1%

Bedrooms Under Management


Managed Properties in Germany


Combined German Property Value (€ Millions)


Asset Development Pipeline (€ Millions)

Crosslane created the Prime Student Living business in 2008. a lettings and management operational platform to manage student housing developmetns to ensure maximum long term investment yields for investors.